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December Better Culture FREE Resources

December Better Culture FREE Resources

In our continuous effort to offer support to our members, we're excited to dive into a collection of free offerings from BetterCulture in December. BetterCulture's upcoming webinar, "Culture: The Key to Excellence in Healthcare" on Tuesday,  December 12th at 12:00 PM (Central) is a panel discussion that will share valuable insights whether you are in the healthcare industry or not. 
Join our experts for a great discussion on:

- Why Culture Matters: Real examples of culture impact on patients and business outcomes.
- Specific Approaches: Quick, actionable tactics from experienced panelists.
- Success Stories: Inspiring tales of improved outcomes and staff satisfaction.
- Navigating Challenges: Practical solutions for shaping healthcare culture.
- Road to Excellence: Actionable insights for intentional culture-building.


How to (Re)Create Your Company Values

Unlock the secrets to a thriving organizational culture in our exclusive webinar, "How to (Re)Create Your Company Values." In today's business landscape, company values are pivotal for shaping behavior, guiding decisions, and setting your brand apart.
Join us as we discuss:
• (Re)creating your company values
• Understanding the "Culture Code"
• Crafting behavior-driven values
• Examples of effective values
• A step-by-step guide
• Continual refinement
Join us December 14th at Noon (CST)

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