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November - BetterCulture FREE Resources

November - BetterCulture FREE Resources

Exciting News! We've teamed up with BetterCulture to bring you an array of resources dedicated to enhancing workplace culture. One of the highlights is our FREE event - "Caffeine and Culture" on November 14th, starting at 8:30am CT. Join us for a stimulating 60-minute session packed with dynamic networking and insightful discussions on the latest trends in leadership and company culture. You'll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded leaders, gain actionable insights, and walk away with fresh perspectives to fortify your workplace environment. Don't miss out! Sign up here and stay tuned for even more valuable offerings from our partnership with BetterCulture!
FREE Resource: How to (Re)Create Company Values
Company values are the bedrock of an organization's character and culture, influencing actions and shaping employee behavior. This article delves into best practices for developing a set of core values that will inspire and guide your team. Whether you're looking to enhance existing values or embark on a refresh, this piece offers valuable takeaways. Discover the power of behavior-driven language, ensuring your values translate into clear, actionable behaviors that drive success.

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