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Health Insurance & Medicare Changes Coming Next Year

Offer Valid: 10/11/2023 - 10/01/2024
2024 Health Insurance & Medicare Changes
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Health Insurance & Medicare Changes Coming Next Year
ACA / Marketplace Changes
  • Expanded Marketplace subsidies for Affordable Care Act plans will stay in place through 2025
  • Fewer options – government is trying to “standardize” plans so they have the same coverage, regardless of which company you have & are limiting the number of non-standardized plans
  • The “family glitch” has been fixed, potentially making 3-5 million more Americans eligible for a tax credit / subsidy
  • Millions who were kicked off Medicaid are getting coverage through the Marketplace
  • A health insurance plan is considered affordable if it is 8.39% (or less) of your income
    • More people will be eligible for a Marketplace subsidy even if their job offers coverage
Medicare Changes
  • Cost sharing in the “catastrophic stage” of Prescription Coverage is now $0
  • $35 cap on insulin for a one-month supply
  • One company now has a fitness reimbursement benefit that can be used for golf clubs, bikes, fishing poles, etc.
  • Medicare Advantage plans are becoming more popular overall in all areas of NE, IA, & KS
    • This means Medicare Supplements are decreasing in popularity
  • Medicare Cost Plans are no longer offered in many rural counties in Nebraska
Group Health Changes
  • We are seeing a DECREASE in the amount of people covered under traditional group health insurance due to:
    • Expanded ACA subsidies, HRAs, and now the “family glitch” being fixed, higher group plan prices
  • Independent contractors can now be included on some group plans
Random Other Changes
  • Fewer private market plans options due to new government action
  • Hearing aids can now be purchased over-the-counter (OTC)

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