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Automotive Warehouse Distributors

Automotive Warehouse Distributors

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About Us

AWDI is a shareholder owned automotive parts redistribution warehouse. Commonly known as a buying group, AWDI offers its shareholders “direct” from manufacturer purchasing or daily product availability and shipping. We stock Brand name products as well as competitively priced items.
In 1953, AWDI was started by a group of twelve independent automotive parts jobbers. These jobbers knew they could increase their store profits by dealing with a distribution center that they were owners of thus, eliminating the “middle step” warehouse that took 20 to 30 percentage points of profit out of each part sale. Initially, manufacturer direct purchasing was the only product procurement option offered by AWDI. As time went on, purchasing habits, inventory control and manufacturers freight policies dictated that AWDI create a stocking warehouse to help cover their members’ purchasing needs. Today 90% of AWDI sales are generated by products sold out of the warehouse.
In December of 1997, the AWDI shareholders voted in favor of acquiring Cornbelt Automotive Warehouse located in Omaha, Nebraska, a buying group and warehouse similar to AWDI in operation and geographical member location. The Cornbelt purchase was a natural fit and beneficial to the member of both groups. Present day shareholder total is 68. Those shareholders own 80 stores located in; Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

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