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Christian Home Association - Children's Square USA

Christian Home Association - Children's Square USA

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About Us

Who We Are...

Children’s Square is a private, non-profit organization that cares for children and families in need and teaches skills for hope and opportunity. We offer day care and pre-school programs as well as specialized treatment for children with behavioral, emotional, and psychiatric needs. We can help your child.

Our Mission:

To teach, every day, the values and life skills essential to a successful life – one full of caring, contribution and commitment.

Empowering each with:

The Vision to See–and the value of setting an ideal for which to reach;

The Courage to Try–and the value of accepting each obstacle as a challenge to meet; and

The Will to Succeed–and the value of making the commitment to persevere.


view of campus 2018
Discovery Park
Rev. RJ and Mrs. Lemen
Founding 2

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