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The Terrace

The Terrace

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About Us

Welcome to The Terrace, where community and flavor intertwine to create an exceptional experience. As more than just a café, we embody a mission of hope, empowerment, and inspiration, fostering connections one cup, one chat, one visit at a time.

Energize your weekend with offerings like the BEC Sandwich—a brioche roll masterpiece of bacon, egg, and cheese. Immerse yourself in the Force of Nature, an everything bagel delight marrying egg, honey-cured ham, pepper jack cheese, and green onion. Experience the vibrancy of our AM Asada—a warmed tortilla cradling steak, eggs, shredded cheese, roasted potatoes, and house salsa.

Lunch is a journey through flavors. The Caesar Salad embodies simplicity while the Mambo Italiano Salad dances with roasted mushrooms, green olives, and Parmesan. Sink your teeth into the Black Bean Burger or explore the Tuscan Ciabatta, a symphony of chicken, mozzarella, ham, spinach, tomato, and basil pesto aioli. Our commitment extends beyond taste—profits nurture the mission of Trivium Life Services.

Embracing our local community, we source coffee beans from an Omaha roastery. Classic espresso, delightful lattes, and more await to elevate your coffee experience. We cater to all ages, with munchkin meals and creative mocktails designed for our youngest guests.

Join us Monday through Thursday, 11 AM to 7 PM; Fridays, 11 AM to 10 PM; Saturdays, 9 AM to 10 PM; and Sundays, 10 AM to 2 PM. The Terrace isn't merely a café; it's a haven where community flourishes, flavors excite, and aspirations take root.


  • Community Connection: A welcoming café fostering camaraderie and inclusivity.
  • Flavorful Offerings: Diverse menu from breakfast classics to creative lunch options.
  • Empowerment in Every Bite: Profits support Trivium Life Services' mission for positive impact.
  • Whether it's a casual catch-up or a business happy hour, The Terrace provides the perfect setting for intimate gathering
  • Elevate your events with our catered box lunches, bringing The Terrace's flavors and community spirit to your gatherings


Beautiful view of the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge
Flavor of the day lemonade!
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Mini cheesecake with strawberry topping!

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